Based in St. Charles City and serving the St. Louis Metro area and beyond

At St. Charles Lactation Care & Support, 

our goal is to be there for all of your breast/chestfeeding, lactation, pumping, tongue/lip tie, and bottle feeding concerns.


You've prepared for labor and birth, now prepare for what comes after. We'll discuss your infant feeding goals, previous breast/chestfeeding experience, and any pertinent health history. Your customized plan will include troubleshooting for any expected complications, planning ahead for a return to work, and building your circle of support. 


Once baby arrives, you may find that you have challenges related to feeding your baby that you weren't expecting, or you may feel like things are going well but you want to touch base with someone who can confirm this for you. A postpartum consultation is a comprehensive visit consisting of a detailed history, exam of both parent and baby, observation of feeding, and a customized plan. While not all challenges can be overcome in just one visit, we'll put in place concrete steps to help you reach your goals.


There may be times that an in-person visit is not feasible due to distance, weather, illness, or work schedules. In these cases, a telehealth visit via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform can be a convenient option allowing us to meet face-to-face without you having to leave your home or workplace. These visits are especially well-suited for prenatal consultations and postpartum follow-ups.